Eating the same rice, bread and yam every week can get boring. This is why we compiled a list of other things you can eat. 


Getting tired of everyday Nigerian food means you’ve had enough and need a break. Imagine drinking water for lunch and dinner, your skin would be glowing by the time you’re done.

Bonus point: You also get to save money.

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They don’t call it food for the soul for nothing. After jamming to all the latest afrobeats releases, you’d be too full to even think about any other food.

Your partner’s work

Enjoyment for you, enjoyment for your partner. Is this how we end world starvation?


Chop one slap here, one knock there. A good beating is all the food you need when you think about it.

If physical beating is too much, just get someone to beat you at a game and watch yourself lose appetite for all these regular foods. You’re welcome.

Your annoying sibling

Let’s face it, siblings are great, but they could also be a handful—stealing your clothes, borrowing your money, dragging your parent’s affection with you, and since they also seem to like eating your food all the time, how about you just eat them?

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You should not live by bread alone, but by what?

Latest news 

Have you ever wondered why people get a news and instantly have running stomach? If you’re in Nigeria, this one shouldn’t be hard because by the time you finish consuming all the latest news in the country, you’d be full.

We’re not saying it’s good food but at least it’s not rice.

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