If you get offended after reading this, it means you’re one of the people that carry at least one of these foods’ matter on your head. We’re simply asking you to do one thing: change. Stop lying to yourself and break free from the shackles of “meh” foods.



I’ve never been able to understand why people think egusi is a top tier soup. Is there something wrong with people’s taste buds? There’s efo riro, afang, ewedu, okra and so many other soups out there. Why is it egusi you’re choosing to stan? Have you tried pounded yam and efo riro?

2. Ogbono


The same goes for ogbono. Why are people dying over this soup? It doesn’t have a mindblowing taste and it doesn’t have range. Let’s leave mediocre soups in the past, please.

3. Puff puff


Everyone knows that the only reason they like puff puff is because liking puff puff seems like a cool thing to do. Deep in your heart, you know that puff puff isn’t actually that great. You’d rather have egg rolls and you know it.

4. Fried plantain


Wait, before you attack me, I’m not talking about every type of fried plantain. When people say they love fried plantain and then the fried plantain they are talking about is the hard ones, I get heavily disappointed. Fried plantain should only be eaten in it’s softest state as pictured below. Any other way and you’re just performing BDSM with dodo.

5. Fried yam


Again with the BDSM. If you listen closely, you can hear every piece of fried yam saying “I want to choke you till you call me daddy.”


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