Yesterday, Davido posted his account number on Twitter because his birthday is coming soon. In less than an hour, millions had dropped into his account, and as at the last update a few minutes ago, he had received ₦155 million.

As all this madness was going on, Twitter users decided to take to the streets to display their madness. These tweets from the entire event have us completely dead from laughter.

1. White Money is too pure and innocent to be catching a stray bullet like this.

2. Why are people so rude? LMAO

3. What did Denola do to you people?

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4. This accuracy of this is making my head spin.

5. This is the best promotion they’ve gotten in years. They better give him an endorsement deal.

6. What’s that thing about not buying a thing if you can’t buy it twice?

7. It was only a matter of time before someone dragged Wizkid into it.

8) I wonder if anyone fell for this.

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