Cartoons never get old, do they? Many of them are all-timers and we can never get enough of them. Before we get into it, I must say that this is my list. This is not a democracy.  It’s Yoyin’s world and you’re just living in it.

1. Ben 10

Ben 10
cartoon network

With iconic aliens and a catchy theme song, Ben 10 captivated a whole generation of fans. From school bags to pencils, erasers, math sets, and watches, we all wanted branded items with Ben 10 aliens. 

2. Justice League

Ben 10
Cartoon Network

Marvel has been making better movies than their DC counterparts but Justice League is one of the best cartoons DC ever created. Despite being child-friendly, the show sometimes took dark and strange turns. It blended child-friendly themes with mysterious storytelling, leaving us craving more after each episode.

3. Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack cartoon network

This show’s villain was everything. No character in cartoon history was as evil as Aku. The writers infused humour and the strength of determination into the plot of  Samurai Jack’s constant battle with evil.

4. Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the cowardly dog
cartoon network

This was the introduction to the horror genre for many kids. A dog that lives with an elderly couple in the middle of nowhere had exactly the right ingredients to create something magical. Each episode brought a new supernatural being and we couldn’t get enough. It was weird, wild, and wonderfully captivating.

5. The Powerpuff Girls

The powerpuff girls
cartoon network

This show was sugar, spice, and everything nice. I know a couple of toddlers saving the city doesn’t sound realistic, but who cares? It’s entertaining.

6. Teen Titans

Teen Titans
cartoon network

This team of teenage superheroes fought evil with style. Robin was the leader and was in the spotlight but his teammates Starfire an alien, Cyborg, a half human/half robot with top tier tech knowledge and super strength, Beast Boy who had animal shapeshifting abilities, and Raven, who uses dark energy completely stole our hearts. 

7. Dexters Laboratory

Dexters lab
cartoon network

Boy Genius, Dexter was always developing the most ridiculous inventions in his secret lab, from creating an aging serum for himself or an experiment that almost wiped out the earth’s population. His free-spirited sister, Dee Dee also made it her mission to disrupt his work, resulting in the most hilarious problems. 

8. Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed, Edd n Eddy
cartoon network

It’s not every day you find three friends with variants of the same name. Ed, Edd and Eddy  went on silly and outrageous misadventures. Their friendship and funny escapades kept us hooked.

9. Codename Kids Next Door

Kids Next door
cartoon network

I couldn’t leave out our favourite kid spies. They took an oath to protect children and battle adulthood, and boy, did they kill it. Their main base of operation was a high-tech tree house which was somehow much bigger on the inside. This show had a generation of Nigerian kids dreaming of secret missions.

10. Megas XLR

Megas xlr
cartoon network

Rounding off my list is the show about two guys, a lady, and a giant robot. This show was ahead of it’s time. Battling space robots with a gamepad is as crazy as it sounds.



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