In this life, everyone wants to make money. We understand. But what we don’t agree with is people making money illegally. We know you probably agree with us, but what you don’t know is that you’re probably part of an illegal money-making operation even if you don’t know it. You think we’re lying? Go through this article. If your company checks at least three boxes here, call EFCC and report your employer now.

1. You call your boss by name.

In this Nigeria? You’ll go to work and call your boss by the same name their parents are calling them? No, no, no. Any oga that has worked hard for years knows that nobody should just be calling his name anyhow. They’ve earned the right to be called, Mr., Mrs., or Sir or Ma. It’s people that don’t know the real value of money that employ you and encourage you to address them as if they are your mates.

2. Your starting salary was above minimum wage.

Where your employer dey see this money? How can they offer more than minimum wage? Are they trying to insinuate that they can do better than the government?

3. You receive bonuses on a regular.

In this economy, someone is giving you bonuses and you too you’re collecting it because you think it’s a reward for your good work. Jazz up! They’re dashing you this money so that they can justify expenses for the money they’re laundering. Think!

4. You earn in dollars.

If you’re reading this and you earn in dollars, just go and submit yourself to EFCC before they come for you, because you’re part of an illegal operation.

5. You earn in naira.

Any company that pays salaries in naira is trying to disguise that they’re actually laundering money in dollars. They think they’re sharp, but we’re sharper. We know their scope.

6. Your company is a startup.

You too, think about it. Why are so many start-ups these days making bastard money, but if you decide to do your own nobody will give you $300 million? Why? Something fishy is going on.

7. Your company is always hiring.

This is simple: If your company is always putting out calls for talented people to come and join them, it means they’re looking to wash money by  paying more salaries. It’s simple 2+2.

8. Your company is hardly ever hiring.

If your company rarely puts out hiring calls, it’s because they want to keep the circle small so people don’t find out they’re laundering. It’s called reverse laundering psychology.

9. Your company is into “tech”.

What is even this tech thing everyone is talking about?

10. Your company is not into tech.

How is a company that’s not into tech making money in 2022, please? FRAUD!

11. You have office parties and hangouts.

This is another loophole companies use to hide illegal funds. Not only will the office parties hold, but they’ll also put pictures and videos on social media so that everyone will see.

12. They give you free food.

Free daily lunch? When eggs are now ₦100 and sardines cost three kidneys.

13. There’s at least one person in your company with dreads.

Our police have known this hack for a long time now. Dreads = yahoo-yahoo. Know this and know peace.

14. Your company has foreign investors.

You too, ask yourself, “What am I doing here that’ll make oyinbo people come and give us this much money?”

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