As you progress in your academic journey, things have a way of becoming more complex. For many people, this turn takes them by surprise, where they now struggle to pass. It’s even more annoying when you remember how you once cleared all your exams. It starts like this: 

It’s primary school, and you always come first in class

Student receiveing prize
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This was the story for many. Academic excellence in the lower classes was a norm.

But then you finally come second

Student receiving prize
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Some other smart kid would beat you to the first prize, and you accept the second prize reluctantly.

You start reading so you can get your rightful position back

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All that’s on your mind now is getting your first place back.

You gain admission into the university thinking it’s business as usual

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You’ve already planned how you’ll get 30/40 on your test and at least 45/60 on your exam. There’s no way you won’t get an A.

Classes start and things begin to look blurry

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It’s at this point that lecturers will say things like, “Your teacher should have taught you this in SS3, so I’m skipping this topic”. But then your SS3 teachers said, “I won’t go deep into this because when you get to uni, your lecturers will explain”.

You consider going back to primary school when things were easier

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At least in primary school, your biggest problem was parts of speech. Now, your whole life is an exclamation.

You start to research how to revive your CGPA

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How do you make the best of the years you have left and save the reputation you’ve built?

Then people begin to ask what went wrong

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I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but I’m trying to find a solution too.

The day you eventually graduate

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It’s a big deal only because that chapter is finally over. When your uncles ask what you graduated with, you tell them, “I graduated with my mates”.



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