It’s a lot easier to flip off your toxic boss and say bye-bye to nosy co-workers, but when it comes to leaving a place you actually enjoy working, it’s a different ballgame.

Have you ever quit a job you loved? Here are six things you would relate to if you’ve ever been in this situation.

1. Is this the right time?

You start thinking if the timing is right. If you should wait till next month, next six months or even a year.

Scared man worrying because he plans to quit a job

2. You start looking at all the great things about your current job

At this point, you’re thinking of job security, location, the socket next to your desk, etc. Even the hot puff-puff spot beside your office feels like a good reason for you to stay.

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3. Imposter syndrome hits harder

Starting afresh is hard, so it’s no surprise that changing jobs would make you question your worth because, who knows what they’re doing anyway?.

4. The struggle to find the right time to break the news to your work buddies

Leaving a job means leaving all the amazing people you built a relationship with. And since you like them so much, it feels like you’re preparing to break up with your partner.

Sad girl thinking of quitting her job

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5. You start to wonder: what if your new employer’s head do usually touch?

You start praying your new work place will not be toxic and that your employer doesn’t occasionally run mad. Because you can’t imagine moving from a place you like to one that your boss refuses to pay salary, tells you to kneel down or makes morning devotion compulsory. God forbid.

Man kneeling and praying before he quits his job
Please don’t let my enemies laugh at me

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