If your work bestie has never quit, then you’re the luckiest person in the world, because this could be your life story. 

1) Nobody to cover your tracks when you fuck up at the office.

Of course you’ve fucked up. Who never fuck up? Hands in the air. The only problem is that now, when you fuck up, bestie isn’t around to lie for you and cover your tracks. 

2) You end up buying your own lunch 

Bestie used to buy or even cook you lunch. Who’d help you pick a food vendor or if you should buy amala or Ofada rice? Now, you have to do all of that by yourself? That’s very wrong, and the universe needs to fix the situation. 

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3) Work is definitely less fun

What made work fun was having your bestie around. You lose the sparkle in your eye that came with going to the office and begin to feel like nothing but a slave to capitalism. 

4) How will you judge all your coworkers without your bestie? 

Who will you lock eyes with when someone in the office does something stupid? Who will you laugh about project failures with? Who will you gossip about other people’s salaries with? You’d be left with nobody but yourself. Be strong, this too shall pass. 

5) You’re actually going to have to work 

Before, you only went to the office to chat with your bestie and download with the company Wi-Fi. Now that they’re gone, you actually have to do the work they pay you for. That’s very ghetto. 

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6) You now have to work with the people you don’t like 

You partnered with your bestie for all the work projects. Now, you’re stuck working with Linda, the coworker who probably wants to use your blood for ritual. 

7) You’d probably have to resign too 

When work isn’t working as it used to, you might have to type your resignation letter too. If you’re lucky, your bestie’s new workplace has an opening, and you can be reunited. 

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