Picture this: You’re excited at the idea of getting a salary and joining the 9-5 gang — or at least leaving house chores behind — so you decide to get an internship.

Get ready because you’ll likely experience the following stages.


Wait, shouldn’t internships be easier to get? What are all these rejection emails in your inbox then?

The “for-the-experience” offers aka no salary

Yes, we know internships are for the experience. But try explaining to the bus conductor taking you from Ikeja to Ajah that there’s more to life than money.

The internships with the most ridiculous requirements

These ones deserve a special place in Ajah traffic. You want an intern who can speak seven languages? Just tell us you want to employ our Lord and personal saviour. 

The ones with the sketchy job descriptions

You don’t need anyone to tell you that these ones want to either steal your kidney or collect the remaining ₦2k in your account.

You finally get the internship, but you actually have to work

Did you think internships were only for taking corporate wear selfies and filling a spot on your LinkedIn profile? 

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You start doing more than your job description

You start to wonder if these people mistakenly put out an internship vacancy when they really wanted an operations manager.

You start running personal errands

At some point, someone will send you to buy semo for them. 

You begin to understand why everyone hates adulting

Your whole life becomes a wake-up-and-go-to-work cycle. Also, forget about weekends. You’ll be too tired to even consider any jaiye jaiye activity.

You start asking yourself why you wanted an internship in the first place

Especially when it looks like you’re the only one working in the entire office.

You realise it’s actually not that bad

At least you’ll get the experience employers always look for in fresh graduates. So keep enduring, that’s adulting for you.

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