What an elder Zikoko sees sitting down, you won’t see even if you climb a transformer. So we compiled a list of why you should cherish your talking stage for your benefit.

You get to self-reflect 

Wanting to come off as interesting to the potential bae would make you search deep for appropriate answers to all their questions. After the 69th “Tell me about yourself”, you’d be forced to question who you really are.

You can be broke in peace

Everyone tells you how exciting relationships are, leaving out the staggering expenses. Whether it’s their birthday, Jesus’ or just children’s day, you must buy a thoughtful gift. But nobody expects anything from you at the talking stage because you’re not even together yet.

Go to bed early too

You don’t have to explain to anyone why you slept off during the talking stage. And if they start acting upset because you went to bed earlier than you said you would, you can just cut them off. They clearly hate you and will go after your life if the ship takes off.

And still get regular texts and calls 

You get to enjoy the benefits of a relationship while escaping the bills that come with it. So you may not be “God when” goals but atleast you know you’re not a plastic spoon.

Save money on house chores

Do people who get pounded yam in talking stages have two heads? Start talking to young men and women with manners, and you’ll have one person pounding yam and another washing your curtains in no time. 

You can flee if you get tired 

An oloriburuku can only hide their bad character for so long, so once they show you they do usually craze, you can just pack your slippers and run. You’re not attached to them yet, so it’s that easy.

And stay mysterious

One day, you’re making “my man” tweets; the next, you’re saying “Love is for mumus”. You don’t know yet, but you’re keeping your fans on their ten toes. This can only happen if you jump in and out of talking stages instead of getting committed anyhow.  

It builds character

Relationships are restrictive; you enter one and end up stuck there for life. But you get to build character when you’ve had to nurse two heartbreaks in a year from people you weren’t even in a relationship with.

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