1. When she calls you just once and you don’t answer her loudly enough.

Wahala aunty!

2. How she’s always extra during service.

“Praise the Lord!!!”

3. How she reports you to the whole house when you take one spoon of her jollof.

Ahn ahn aunty, calm down!

4. When you ask her for dash money, she’s like:

“Stay away , oh ye devil!”

5. How she does gbeborun when you’re gisting with your friends.

“So this girl is doing bad bad things in school, abi!”

6. When she’s gisting with your mum and you chook mouth.

“Who asked you?”

7. When you tell her your boyfriend doesn’t have a job.

“Come and help me hear this nonsense o!”

8. Her reaction when her husband is forming lovey dovey.

She doesn’t believe in love, only money!

9. How she now digs it in the club on Friday night.

“Ahh shoki!!!”


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