1. When you remember that your birthday is soon!

Let the good times roll!

2. But then you also remember that you are very broke.


3. You check your account and it’s even worse than you thought!

But I was supposed to have more than this!

4. Meanwhile your friends and colleagues are expecting you to “do birthday” for them!

Look at these people oh!

5. You find out how much cake is and you’re like:

For sugar and flour?

6. Even small chops are expensive.

Puff puff is now arrogant!

7. People start texting you that they’re coming to your house after work that day:

I am finished oh!

8. And before you know it your own birthday has become a prayer point.

Father Lord do something miraculous in my account!

9. The closer you get to your birthday the more stressed you are.

Why is time moving so fast?

10. Now you are thinking about your big age and lack of money.

God why always me?

11. So you ask for the day off and tell everyone you’re travelling around that period.

“Something impromptu oh! See you people in 3 days!”

12. But you stay at home and beg God not to allow this kind of wretchedness follow you into next year.

This affliction must not arise a second time.


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