1. When you get there later than everyone else and have to do the walk of shame past the other serious applicants.

They are all judging you!

2. When your trousers tear while you’re climbing okada to get to the interview.

God this is not the life I was promised!

3. When you get there for the interview and they tell you it was the day before.

My enemies have succeeded!

4. When the HR department tells you they sent you an invitation by mistake.

So what is supposed to happen now?

5. When you realise you forgot to wear your wig to the interview and your hair is jagga-jagga.

I hope they like the hair plaited under the wig cap sha.

6. When your stomach starts misbehaving during the interview.

Na wa oh!

7. When the interviewer is the ex you said will never amount to anything.

“That was just a joke.”

8. When you exaggerated on your C.V and they ask you to demonstrate your lies.

“I was claiming those skills in faith”.

9. When you hear how much they are willing to pay and it’s less than half of what you expected.

Why not just ask us to work for free.

10. When the interview is in front of everybody as if you are applying for visa.

So my shame can be outside abi?

11. The #GoPlaces interview promises to be anything BUT an interview of nightmares.

12. The interview is aimed at finding your interests and strengths, and seeing where you fit in the company!

13. Isn’t this the type of interview you want to be a part of?

So click here to take the interview! You won’t regret it!

This post is brought to you by Heineken Go Places.

Go Places takes the unique form of an interactive visual storytelling game, which guides participants on an adventure of choices, adopting elements of the global Heineken Company culture, whilst showing off a diverse, multi-talented workforce including Africans and Nigerians.


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