There’s something last borns that gets Nigerians talking. But then again, Nigerians are the king of forming wrong impressions about everything, so but sometimes it can get to you. Especially when everything being said is false. Here is a list of wrong things Nigerians say about every last born. We think it’s time to stop.

1. “All last borns are weaklings.”

Nigerian actress Liz Benson disdainful look about last born comment

Says which medical doctor, please?

2. “If you’re a last born, then you’re the parent’s favourite.”

 Shalita Grant GIF shocked by last child comment

Actually, no. Some parents prefer the first or second child. Sometimes, the last child can even be the one that will receive plenty beating, so what are you saying?

3. “Last borns are the worst cooks. They can’t cook to save their own lives.”

Grace Mugabe speech giving angry about last born comment

Oh you think because we’re last borns, they won’t allow uS into the kitchen? Haq, you joke. We cook like every other child. We learned everything.

4. “Last borns are always rude, they don’t have respect at all.”

Mo'nique pissed off about wrong comment

Abeg explain what you mean because we don’t seem to understand.

5. “Last borns don’t have to worry about clothes; their elder ones will dash them.”

Ramsey Nouah crossdressing used an illustration for wrong comments about last borns

But what if we don’t like wearing other people’s clothes? Or what if our elder sibling is a different gender? What if we’re bigger than them? This logic is faulty on many grounds, to be honest.

6. “Last borns are always stubborn.”

Grace Mugabe angry face used as an illustration for comments on last borns

First you say last borns are crybabies. Now you say they are stubborn. You see why we can’t take you serious?

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