1. You finally got that job, one million years after graduation.

Ope o!

2. You, when you see your mates still seeking employment.

I have arrived!

3. How you feel, when you get your first salary:

Rich gang!

4. When the oversabi 23-year-old girl in your office starts talking about pension.


5. How you ball, as per, you’re not about that struggle pension life.

Pension ko, pension ni.

6. Until you visit the village and see your cash money uncle looking all broke and miserable like:


7. You, when you realize your uncle’s wahala is that he blew all his money without a retirement plan:

Hay God!

8. So you decide to be sharp and not play yourself because suffer-head is not your portion.


9. So you kuku start searching for correct PFAs online.

No time!

10. You, when your ARM Pension Funds start to look all nice and good.


11. How you sleep at night, knowing you won’t retire broke and miserable thanks to ARM pensions.

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