1. When everybody has woken up to start the day but she is still snoring away.

Can you imagine?

2. When you have to wake her up, you’re like:

Ah this woman is going to abuse me!

3. When you ask her what’s for breakfast, she looks at you like:

“Come and eat me!”

4. When your parents send you to ask her to do something….

Please ask her to do it by yourself!

5. …Then you get so scared you just do it yourself.

Hard work has never killed anyone!

6. When she comes into the sitting room and you know you have to change the channel to what she wants to watch.

Time for Telemundo!

7. When she is eating and you go and disturb her, she answers you like:

“Can’t you see I’m doing something!”

8. When your mum and dad get tired of her “big madam” behaviour and ask her to go.

Pack your load and goooooo!


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