This post is pretty hard to write because our beloved Nigeria did not impress us. Due to poor planning, Team Nigeria couldn’t slay in traditional outfits. We are only here for the laughs sha, and we saved the worst for last.

The Good:

1. The South Korean Team looking nice and preppy in Beanpole’s design is seriously the cutest thing we’ve seen at the Olympics.

These guys oozed cuteness.

2. This guy from Tonga only had to wear baby oil.

My oh my!

3. All we see is awesomeness with this perfectly tailored Team USA ensemble.

These Ralph Lauren boat shoes are the business!

4. Team Canada went for flawless street style swag, designed by Dsquared.

We half expected Drake and a flash mob to pop out.

6. Team Djibouti killed it with a simple cultural look.

Africans representing!

7. And here is Team Great Britain serving a very British look in Stella McCartney and Adidas.

Those sneakers are everything.

8. Team Cuba looked like money in Louboutin/Sporty Henri designs.

So very classy.

Although they wore parkas over that awesomeness at the Opening Ceremony.

Ahn ahn, why now?

The Bad:

1. Team Germany didn’t look so great wearing leggings under skirts.

Leggings bawo?

2. Team Italy could have done with more color, they looked really dull in Giorgio Armani’s all black designs.

Abeg whose funeral is it?

3. Looks like Nigerian tailors made Team Sweden’s ill-fitting skirts using ugly fabric.

We are not understanding.

4. Team China looked like a cold plate of tomato stew with the ugliest tie colors.

Those ties are a no-no!

5. We really like how cultural Team Indonesia looked, but the red and white blazer is giving us serious Ajinomoto vibes.

‘Maggi maggi!’

The Ugly.

We’re giving Team Nigeria the award for ‘The Ugly’ mainly because the outfits they were supposed to wear were beyond atrocious.


Thankfully, there was a delay in planning and the athletes had to wear available tracksuits instead.

Praise the Lord!


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