1. Your mother, when it’s Saturday morning and you’re still sleeping:

See this lazy child.

2. When you hear your mother blasting gospel music and you know endless cleaning is about to go down.

Hay God!

3. When you try to eat breakfast before you’ve done any work.

Eat what?

4. When your mother sees you watching Cadbury’s breakfast television before you’ve finished your work.

Is this child mad?

5. When you are already cleaning the whole house but your mother is still like:

Hian! What is it?

6. When you think you’ve finished and your mother invents new work for you.


7. When you hear “today is environmental” but every Saturday is already environmental sanitation to you.

See these ones.

8. You, finally eating breakfast when it’s almost evening:

This one has passed brunch.

9. When you want to go out that Saturday so you wake up by 3am to do all your chores:

Can’t risk it oh!

10. When your mother leaves the whole kitchen for you to clean after her Saturday cooking.

Is it fair?

11. The worst Saturday morning chore:


12. When NEPA waits for you to complete all your chores before they take light.

Who is doing me from my village?

13. When you are finally about to rest and you hear “let’s go to the market.”



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