1. When you are rolling in pain and they are busy asking you questions calmly as if you are not about to die.

2. When the doctor is smiling at you like a predator so you know your life for the next few days is ruined and stinky.

3. When they say your problem is a “minor issue” but their bill is still a major headache!

4. When they bring out a big axe after telling you “it’s just a small injection”.

5. When they don’t warn you about the terrible taste of some medicines when they ask you to take them.

6. When they introduce you to some human beings that are meant to be nurses but they behave like witches.

7. When they say “small surgery” as if such a thing exists.

8. When they start asking you about next of kin so now you know they are colluding to kill you.

9. When you feel better and want to thank your God in peace but the doctor starts looking at you somehow.


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