1. When you couldn’t even dream of skipping school, even if you were sick.

Please now.

2. When everyone assumes you’re smart because your parents are academics.


3. When your parents’ students called them “Mrs.” or “Sir” in public.

Ah, na wa.

4. When you had to leave the house as early as they did on weekdays.

Especially if they worked in primary or secondary schools.

5. When people expected you to somehow want to be a teacher/lecture too.

Are you alright in the head?

6. When their teacher friends tried to force you to be friends with their kids.

LOL, no.

7. When you try to be lazy about your homework.

Not even a little break?

8. When you felt even more pressure to get good grades, because education was always the most important thing in your family.

Must. Not. Fail.

9. When you get a bad grade.

I am homeless now.

10. And then you try to blame the bad grade on a teacher at school.

They will not take that.

11. When your parents and your teachers bond over their professions.


12. After getting a B.Sc and you say you don’t want a Masters degree.

God, please fix this child.

13. When you had to help them mark scripts.

I didn’t sign up for this.

14. When you were always at various lessons because “learning never ends”.

Kuku kill me.

15. Even now, you can’t go anywhere without someone recognizing your parent as their teacher/lecture.

Face your front abeg.


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