1. When you get a mail about clearance sales from one of these online stores.

Everything is 40% off. Jesus!

2. When ASOS sends you a mail in this high exchange rate period.

Get away from me, Satan!

3. When you finally open the site and you still cannot afford the items.

Don’t you dare send me any more emails.

4. When you’re knee-deep in window shopping and your browser tab starts looking like this:


5. When you realize that there isn’t really money to buy anything.

Help me, Lord.

6. You, lying to yourself that you really need the product and it’s a good deal.

It’s a good deal. I can’t get it anywhere else. I’m so lucky.

7. When you finally decide to spend your next month’s salary and order something.

It’s just money.

8. When you want to check out and you see the delivery price.

No free delivery?

9. After all the high prices, then you notice there’s no Pay on Delivery option.

I’m not doing again.

10. When they say your item will be delivered in 5 – 7 days but it’s been 8 days.

Thank God it’s Pay on Delivery.

11. What you ordered online vs. what gets delivered.

What is this?!

12. When your item is delivered and it’s in the wrong size.


13. Online shopping sites, when you try to return a damaged item.

It’s mission impossible.


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