1. When you can feel that the time is around the corner.

Do I have to go through this?!

2. When you’re emotional for no reason and everything around you makes you want to cry. Or laugh. Or roll around.

I don’t even know again.

3. When someone points out that you’re emotional for no reason.

Is this one mad?

4. When you want to attempt movement even though you’re in pain.

I can’t.

5. When you sneeze while on your period.


6. When someone dares to breathe around you.


7. You when someone touches your food/ hair/ anything without asking.

Kuku kill me oh!

8. When everyone talking around you sounds like they’re shouting.

Shut up now?!

9. When you finally find pain killers.

I love you!

10. You, waiting for the painkillers to kick in.

Na wa oh, is it not just to dissolve?

11. When you have taken the maximum painkiller dosage for the day but the pain just won’t go away.

Should I take more?

12. When you’re nursing your pain and someone invites you to go out.


13. When your pain starts on Sunday but you have to suck it up and go to work on Monday.

It’s hard outchea!

14. When your colleagues try to interact with you in your state.

Not today, Satan!

15. When bae asks “How are you feeling?”

You can’t understand me. You don’t know my pain. You don’t know my struggle! Co-written by Zikoko Contributor, Obeyaa Atta


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