1. Nigerian girls in a school in Jos, way back in the ’60s.

2. Back in 1964 when Malcolm X came to Nigeria.

3. Yoruba women chatting in the small village of Meko in the early 70’s.

4. Women rocking the fro in the 1970’s.

5. Now we know how our great-grandmas looked getting married in 1930

6. How women rode bikes in 1969.

7. Hausa girls in Zaranda market, somewhere near Jos.

8. Young lady backing her baby in Ibadan, 1973.

9. Young sisi in the 70s.

10. Tiv women and their children in the 60’s.

11. Dancers in front of the Oba of Benin’s palace in 1980.

12. Young mother in Ife, 1970’s.

13. Nigerian women and a little girl, 1930.

14. Fulani girls hanging out at a market.



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