1. When agberos start touching you the moment you enter the park.

Can you not?

2. When they make you fill a manifest with your next of kin’s number and address.

Are you planning on having accident, abi what?

3. You, waiting for the bus to get full.


4. How they pack you in the bus:

The struggle.

5. When one pastor appears to preach and collect prayer offering before the bus leaves.

Not today, biko.

6. When the bus starts moving before the person you bought gala from has given you change.


7. Your driver, when he sees FRSC and he is not wearing seatbelt.

Oh God!

8. How everyone looks at that person that just keeps shouting “slow down oh!”.

Go down and trek na.

9. When your battery dies in the middle of the trip.


10. When a trailer comes out of nowhere and the driver skillfully dodges it.

Bad guy.

11. When someone tells the driver to stop so they can use the toilet.

Better hold yourself.

12. The whole bus, when you reach a military checkpoint.

Just comport yourself.

13. When something happens and the driver says you’ll have to stay over night.

Hay God!

14. When you see your luggage after you reach your destination:

Always dirty. Co-written by Zikoko Contributor, @John_Osbo


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