Political Correctness is used to describe language intended not to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people in society. But, what about the people that don’t care about political correctness? #BigotsLivesMatter (Wait oh! If you don’t get satire, better stop reading now)

1. When you heard that the senate didn’t pass the gender equality bill.

Good! It’s against our culture.

2. When it’s been one hour and you haven’t called all Muslims “Boko Haram”.

My mouth is scratching me to say it.

3. When you hear Chimamanda Adichie talking about feminism.

Let us hear word ma.

4. When people tell you not to call Asians “Chinco” or “Ching Chan”.

Abeg leave my mouth.

5. When you see Reno Omokri tweeting what women should do with their bodies.

Reno, my man.

6. When a woman is trying to correct you when you have her “type at home”.

Respect yourself oh.

7. When you cannot even advise a young woman to “go and marry” again.

But if she is not married, what is she now doing?

8. You, when a woman wearing a hijab is vexing that you asked if she is a Chibok girl.

Why are you now vexing?

9. When you hear someone calling all igbo people thieves.

You sabi.

10. When you cannot freely say you miss military regime in Nigeria.

Is it your business though?

11. When you see someone that supports Biafra.

My Guy!

12. When a woman is vexing that you said her natural hair “doesn’t fit” her.

Go and use relaxer jare.

13. When you tell someone with dreads that they look like a drug addict and they vex.

Why do you now have dreads?

14. How you feel when women tell you they won’t cook or go to the market:

Who will now go?

15. When people are always adding ​”ic”​ and ​”ist” to everything you say now.

Any small thing tribalist, homophobic, and sexist.


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