1. You to Nigeria, when your student visa gets approved.

I’m out.

2. When all the scholarships have “must be a citizen to apply”.

Is it fair?

3. When you can’t talk to a Nigerian at home without them reminding you it will soon expire.

You’ll be fine.

4. When you can’t work more than 20 hours a week and your bills are just looking at you like:

Hay God!

5. Nigerians at home, when you try to give your political opinions:

No vex.

6. When your friends want you to come back home and visit.

This friendship is too expensive, biko.

7. You, when citizens start shouting “fuck the police.”

I’m not among oh.

8. When you try to travel somewhere else with your student visa.

The pain.

9. When you can’t do anything without filling a million forms.

Kill me na.

10. When you come back home and your parents start stressing you.

Let me do and go back.

11. When your friends are talking about skipping class and you remember your visa status.

I cannot come and go and fail.

12. When you realize your visa is about to expire.


13. When you want to renew your visa and they’ve increased the cost.


14. When you’re waiting to see if they will grant you the renewal.

God epp me.

15. You to the country, when you succesfully renew your student visa.



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