1. When there is a chore to do and nobody wants to do it.

I’m not moving.

2. You, waiting for your turn to use the bathroom.

What is it?

3. When you stop and calculate how much your parents spend on school fees.

Wow! You people are trying.

4. When you get called the wrong name on a daily basis.

Am I not your child again?

5. How you fight for the remote when everybody wants to watch a different channel:

We must kill ourselves sha.

6. When it’s time to go out and everyone heads to the car like:

The struggle.

7. When someone eats the food you were hiding.

You people want to die.

8. You, trying to find some privacy.

Mission Impossible.

9. When a day cannot pass without 2 or more people fighting.

Na wa.

10. When you can’t find something and you don’t even know who to start accusing.

You people sef.

11. What the kitchen looks like after every meal:

Jah Jehovah!

12. Whenever it is time for the whole family to travel.

The stress.

13. What your house looks like when relatives visit:

The worst.

14. When your parents buy something for one of you without buying for everyone else.

Better go and buy our own.

15. Your contact list:

The endless numbers. Your whole family.

16. What your Whatsapp family group looks like:

Like a marketplace.


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