1. When you are struggling to find a sensible parking space.

The struggle is real.

2. When you enter the supermarket and they tell you to drop your bag.

Ugh! Can I be?

3. How you look at the security guard when they let other people enter with their bag.

So, I’m the one that looks like a thief, abi?

4. How the attendants look at you when you ask where something is:

Ah! Sorry oh!

5. How the attendants look at you when you enter an aisle:

Can I be?

6. When you ask for a particular item and they say “it just finished.”

It has always “just finished.”

7. When the cashier tells you their POS isn’t working.

Meaning what?

8. When you bring out cash and they now say they don’t have change.

Please bring my N20, we are not friends.

9. When the price at the counter is different from the price you saw in the aisle.

Is it fair?

10. When they tell you they don’t have any big nylon bags.

I should now carry it on my head?

11. You, checking your receipt to see whether they scammed you.

Can’t trust these people.

12. When the security guard checks your receipt but doesn’t check your bags.

How do you now know I didn’t steal?

13. When they now start doing “happy weekend” while you are leaving.

Better leave my side.

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