1. “You’re always pressing phone.”

For when you’re using your phone for anything besides answering their call.

2. “You’re always going out.”

For when you leave your house more than once in a month.

3. “You’re always in that your room.”

For when you don’t want to go and stay with them in the living room.

4. “You’re always playing playstation.”

For when they see you doing anything besides studying.

5. “You’re always speeding.”

For when they turn you into their driver.

6. “You’re always browsing facebook.”

For when they see you doing anything on the internet.

7. “You’re always eating.”

For when you mistakenly eat after annoying them.

8. “You’re always visiting them, when will they visit you?”

For whenever you want to go and visit a friend.

9. “You’re always forgetting things.”

For when you make one mistake.

10. “You’re always watching TV.”

For when you’re  watching something they don’t want to watch.

11. “You’re always buying rubbish.”

For when you buy one thing they don’t like.

12. “You’re always sleeping.”

For when they wake up first even though they went to bed 3 hours earlier.

13. “You’re always squeezing face.”

For when they just finished annoying you.

14. “You’re always chasing girls.”

For when you miss church one Sunday.

15. “You’re always wearing makeup.”

For when you wear lipgloss out.

16. “You’re always wasting money.”

For when your phone costs more than 5k.

17. “You’re always on your computer.”

For when you’re not using your laptop to read.


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