1. When you’re hungry and no Agege bread seller has passed your house.

Is it fair?

2. You, when you finally hear “AGEEEEGEEEE BREAAAADDD!!!”


3. When you see an ewa agoyin seller walking beside the agege seller.


4. When you’ve already seen the bread you’ll pick before the hawker even drops her tray.

No be today.

5. When she opens the nylon and the smell of hot bread hits your nose.

My body is ready

6. When they try to sell you agege bread that is not white and soft.

See my life oh.

7. You, when the woman asks if she should put butter.

So that what will happen?

8. When someone tries to tell you about how it is unhealthy because of bromate.

Did I ask you though?

9. When you buy the bread and find out it’s not ‘today’s own’.

Hay God!

10. When you hear someone compare sliced bread to agege bread.

Better respect yourself.

11. When the only burger you recognize is ‘risky burger’.

12. You, dipping your agege bread in tea when no one is looking.

What is shame?

13. When you eat your agege bread with akara in the middle.



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