All of us at Zikoko were super excited when we heard we’d be watching Captain America: Civil War as a team.

Nothing sweeter than a free movie.

As much as we LOVED it, the first 10 minutes set in Lagos, did have us like:

What’s happening here?

Team Zikoko, every time someone in the movie pronounced it as Lah-gos.

What are these ones saying?

Lagos, watching the movie like:

Who are you calling Lah-gos, biko?

Oya, let’s think of some of the ways Lah-gos, Nigeria is completely different from Lagos, Nigeria.

When they started off with Black Widow and Scarlet Witch drinking coffee under Lah-gos sun.

Abeg abeg!

Lagos sun and hell fire that are like:

See ehn, Lagos in the afternoon is not where you want anything hot anywhere near you.

They now showed us two Lah-gos policemen and neither of them had a potbelly.


Edakun, where was this oga in all this?

Well, he was probably still sleeping.

Then we saw Falcon looking down at a Lah-gos street in the middle of the day

Are we dreaming?

…and the roads were actually free.

Where is all the traffic?

There was actually light in Lah-gos in the afternoon.

Which light?

PHCN and Lagos that are like:

Na so.

Fast forward to Black Widow in the middle of a Lah-gos market

See all those shops behind her.

…and nobody did this:

Even when Falcon finally came down to join her

A whole Anthony Mackie.

…not one Igbo brother shouted “heysss fine boy!” at him.

Who will now buy all their jeans trousiz?

Then see Lah-gosians that were just standing around watching people with guns and bombs fight.


Real Lagosians, when they hear anything that just sounds like a gunshot:

They are not about that life, abeg.

Captain America, calling for the Lah-gos fire and rescue department after a bombing:

…and they actually arrived on time.

The real Lagos fire department when you call them:

No vex, Captain America!

Anyway, all na jokes. Lagos is awesome and so is the movie. Oya, go see it if you haven’t.



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