1. So you’ve just finished NYSC and your adulting has fully begun

Yes o!

2. And all your mates are running up and down trying to get a job

Applying up and down!

3. But you’re not really bothered because your uncle at NNPC told you to bring your CV after NYSC

I’m not even bothered.

4. And even your aunty at CBN has told you to put your mind at rest

I’ve got zero worries!

5. When you see your mates busy applying to banks up and down, you’re like

2 or 3 jobs are already waiting for me sha!

6. How you get yourself ready to see your uncles and aunts that have promised you the world

Let me slay for them!

7. How you give them plenty missed calls when they don’t want to pick up

What’s happening here?

8. You, when you go to their office and their secretary says they’re not around

So whose car did I see outside?

9. When you now try applying for other jobs but they’re all closed

I have finished myself!

10. You, when you see your mates going to work and you’re still jobless

Take me with you now!

11. When you see your aunties and uncles at family weddings, you’re like

You people don’t kuku have shame.

12. The next time a family member says you should bring your CV, you’re like

I don’t want!


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