1. When you get an email from HR saying the CEO wants to see you.

For what?

2. When your boss says “you are not a good fit” for the company.

Which type of fit do you want because I can do it?

3. When you hear that your termination is “effective immediately”.

I don die oh!

4. When you have to clear your desk and everyone in the office is looking at you with pity.

“Sorry ehn! God will provide another one.”

5. When your arch nemesis finds out you’ve been fired, she’s like:


6. When your mother says you should go and see your pastor because your job loss is spiritual.

Can you kindly focus ma?

7. When you now have to start applying for jobs again.

Suffer suffer, all over again.

8. When you see any of your former colleagues in public, you’re like:

I don’t want to see you people, please.

9. When you get asked why you were fired from your last office during an interview.

“Let’s not do this please!”


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