1. So, you went to quickly buy something.

2. And you were in a hurry so you just collected you change and ran off.

3. Normally you would have left your change, as a tip.

4. But recession, so no chance of that one!

5. Anyway, now you’ve gotten home.

6. Only to check your change and see torn notes everywhere.

7. So what are you meant to do now?

8. First you try to use the money to pay for something at the same store that gave you the wretched change.

9. Only for the cashier to say they don’t accept such money.

10. Then you try to give it to a bus conductor, who asks you if you’re crazy.

11. Then, you think of dropping it in the offering basket only to see the usher looking at you, like:

12. Then, you try to “dash” the money to one of your small cousins but he laughs at you, like:

13. At the end of the day you end up keeping the money in one drawer, hoping and praying you wake up one day and it’s brand new.

14. But so far, no such luck!



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