1. You, entering the birthday party with your dancing shoes like:


2. The MC at every single Nigerian birthday party:

Always looking like they came out of a horror movie.

3. When the MC calls your age group to come out for the dancing competition.

My body is ready.

4. Awilo Longomba blessed us with the dancing competition song of our childhood:


5. When the DJ starts the music and you scatter leg to win that extra party pack.

Today is my day.

6. How you look at that child that is still dancing when the DJ stops the music:

See this one.

7. That child that refuses to leave the dance-floor without a fight:

Please come and be going.

8. You, when the MC asks the crowd “is he the winner?”

Baba God do it for your child.

9. How Nigerian adults always shout the answer:

Hian! Calm dow na.

10. When they use loudest clapping to measure the winner but you don’t have any friends.

See my life.

11. You, trying not to cry when they finally bounce you.

Let me hold myself.

12. You, when the MC now shouts “EVERYONE TELL HIM BYE BYE!”

Are you not a demon?

13. When the celebrant wins the dancing competition.

The making of Nigerian politicians.


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