1. Saworoide

Was there ever a greater political movie?

2. Ti Oluwa Nile

Baba Wande was superb in this movie.

3. Oleku

Ajani was the very first Yoruba Demon, to be honest.

4. Koto Aye

This movie gave us nightmares.

5. Irapada

Kunle Afolayan has been blessing us since way back.

6. Ayonimofe

Join us in thanking Tunde Kelani for his brilliant movies.

7. Magun

The best movie ever.

8. Kodun Kopo Kope

When Shan George was the business!

9. Madam Dearest

Where is Yemi Solade though?

10. Lepa Shandy

“Call me Lepa Shandy.”


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