1. When you ask them to help you buy contraband and they start forming.

It’s not your fault sha.

2. How you see the students that charge boarders to help them buy stuff outside:

These ones will use to buy house.

3. When you can hear day students gisting about Paloma and Diego in class.

Because you have TV abi?

4. When day students bring cold water to school and start forming stingy for you.

On top cold water sha?

5. How day students look in the middle of the term vs. How you look in the middle of the term:

It’s dining hall food that is causing it.

6. Your face, when day students start asking you for hostel gist:

Face your front, biko.

7. How you look at day students when they bring their phones to showoff:

See that one.

8. You, watching day students eat the food they brought from home.

Chai! See chow.

9. When day students are talking about their weekend plans and you’re just there like:

Me that will be washing boxers.

10. How you spend your money vs. How day students spend their money:

The worst.

11. How you look at day students that wear all the clothes they have at home for socials:

Calm down na.

12. When a day student tries to form familiar with you and your guys.


13. You, watching day students leave school at closing time:

It can pain sometimes sha.


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