1. How you feel when your birthday doesn’t fall on a school day:

The pain.

2. You, turning up to school in your mufty like:


3. The official birthday hairstyle:

Christmas was the only other time you’d see this hairstyle.

4. How your classmates look at you when you enter with cake.

Turn Up!

5. When people that have never spoken to you start forming best friend.

Shift biko.

6. The official birthday starter pack:

Add Capri-sonne for some extra love.

7. Your classmates, waiting for break time to come so you can share the cabin.

Longest wait ever.

8. How your teacher cuts their own cake:


9. When your teacher still finds a reason to flog you.

Where is your conscience?

10. When they make you take pictures with all your classmates.

Ugh! Can we eat already?

11. You, picking the people that will get extra party packs.

Come forward and be judged.

12. When they start threatening you with “I won’t be your friend again”.

Ehn be going na.

13. Your classmates, when they see you the next day:

Wow! Is it like that?


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