Ilorin is the capital of Kwara state, and it has its charms. Like the slogan, State of Harmony, there is something about Ilorin that is quite relaxed. We don’t have to say much. If you know Ilorin well enough, then you’ll get everything this post says.

1. Green and yellow taxis.

Taxi in Ilorin

Basic fare is often N50, unless it’s a far distance. And the way the drivers call out “Post-Challenge!” when they are going to Post Office or Challenge.

2. The Chicken Republic at Tanke Junction.

Chicken republic in Ilorin

Especially the refuel combo that goes for N500 or N800.

3. ShopRite, and every other thing that comes with it.

Ilorin Shoprite

A picture of ShopRite during Sallah, Christmas, New Year, or Black Friday.

4. Beske.

Beske Ilorin seller

For those who don’t know, beske is made of soya beans. For Ilorin people, it is a delicacy and they can eat it with anything: rice, garri, soup, etc. They can even eat it as a snack. If you’re not an indigene, it can be a bit awkward to get used to.

5. Captain Cook Bread.

Captain Cook bread, Ilorin

Captain Cook Bread is the real deal. If you know, you know. It goes with fried eggs, beans, tea, butter, even stew. And it can last for 3 days if you keep it well. ShopRite bread is cool too.

6. Fortunate Bread.

Fortunate bread, Ilorin

Fortunate bread can take all our money, please. So soft and sweet and cheap too. And it can last up to 1 week, if you are a real suffer-head or a broke student.

7. The Roadside Shops In Challenge.

Challenge, Ilorin

When you pass and those Igbo boys start calling you to buy jeans, slippers, tshirts, everything you probably don’t need at the time.

7. Kwara Hotel.

Kwara Hotel, Ilorin

This is an entire monument. Anyone who has ever entered it can testify.

8. Habib Yoghurt.

Habib Yoghurt, Ilorin

This yoghurt, doing goodness to taste buds since time immemorial.

9. Permanent Site.

University of Ilorin

This is why taxi drivers always shout “PS!” And we can argue that it is one of the major contributors to Ilorin’s population. You don’t believe us? Wait until students go on a long vac and then visit Ilorin. You’ll understand what we mean.


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