Nigerians are badly behaved but no one is more badly behaved than family members living with you.

When they came over when you were a kid and there was no space for them so your parents bounced you out of your room

There are mosquitos in the parlour now

When a 2 week visit turns into a 2 year visit and you start wondering who the real owner of your house is

Oya you people had better start paying rent

When you go and spend a holiday with a family member and they turn you into the house help

This is not what you people promised me o

When you are complaining about spending double on food and the 8 relatives living with you unlook

It’s like you people are mad

Never make the mistake of asking them when they are going to leave your house

So you are chasing us out of your house?

How they show up at your door without notice

You people don’t know how to call first?

When they tell you they are coming to stay for two days but their luggage is saying something else.

Did you come to sell market?

When you invite only one family member to live with you and that one starts inviting more people

Do you think this is your house?

Privacy is a myth

It’s our house now

Everyday is a new argument or fight

When you are not living in Fuji House of Commotion

Staying late at work just so you don’t have to go and face your family members wahala at home

I can’t come and die please


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