Once again, our very own President Buhari is making the headlines.

Don’t worry, he hasn’t traveled to obodo again.

He only moved his work from his office to his house.


Appaz, he’s liking the way all this people are staying at home and getting stuff done and he’s not about all that nine to five struggle life.

Okay, no…not exactly.

According to his presidential mouthpiece, Min. Lai Mohammed, the president had missed yesterday’s Federal Executive Council Meeting for the second time this month, because he felt slightly under the weather and decided to work from home for the rest of the day.

But Nigerians are not buying it.

And in true Nigerian fashion, they are letting their anger and skepticism show. See some of the reactions below:

1. There appears to be some confusion on the president’s actual working space.

2. Wait…wait…wait…who brought in the other room now?

3. But is it not good that our president is embracing all the opportunities of the Internet?

4. But Oga Lai is not holding him na?

5. Ah, it’s like the Oba of Lagos has become the new curve meme of April 2017.

6. But what if the president is looking for a career change?

7. You know, no matter how comfortable, office can never be like house na.

8. Er…erm…good luck with that.

9. Er…we were never really sure about Reno’s nuggets anyways, so we shall handle this advice with care.

10. But why did y’all have to go and drag Mugabe into it?

11. From blogger to marketer; if this president thing doesn’t work out, Daddy Bubu appears to have many other career options.

12. But…but…that was before before now…

13. Because Daddy Bubu said he’s now working from home they’ve already gone to give him homework.

14. But he already told you he belongs to nobody…

15. But what is wrong with being part of the #WorkingFromHomeGang?

16. And now, Daddy Bubu has become Daddy Emperor!

17. Meanwhile, this one wants to receive lectures from home.

18. Strong predictions for Daddy Bubu’s proposed blogging career:

19. It however appears that the #WorkingFromHomeGang has got Daddy Bubu’s back.



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