Aki (real name: Chinedu Ikedieze) and Pawpaw (real name: Osita Iheme) are the notorious Nollywood movie twins that carry mischief and mayhem with them everywhere they go.

Their wahala has been seen, loved and laughed at on the big screen by many. Here are 16 times when this duo’s movies simply killed us:

1. This one where they were yabbing the poor “court clerk”:

2. This one were they were having running stomach:

3. This one where they said they were sent “from the gods”:

4. This one where Pawpaw was feeling like a wordsmith:

5. This one where Pawpaw said he wants to be a terrorist:

6. This one where they went to go and put mouth inside something that does not consign them:


7. This one where they were dancing like tambolo entered their trousers:

8. This one where they started fighting themselves because of woman:


9. This one where Pawpaw said he wants to use his father for ritual:

10. This one where they tried to lie that they did not steal yam:

11. This one where they went to go and find trouble in school:


12. This one where they just showed what olodos they are:

13. The one where they went to give somebody belle:

14. This one where Aki and Pawpaw joined their mother to fight:

15. This one where they’re trying to toast woman:

16. And who can forget Aki and Pawpaw in Aki na Ukwa?

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