1. How you still sleep by 7.45 AM because there’s nothing like traffic

Unlimited sleeping!

2. What of the joy of just walking down to your workplace

No need for danfo wahala.

3. You, when you see your colleagues running to sign in at past 8

Sorry o!

4. When your boss now makes you the janitor because you stay close-by

But they’re not paying me extra o!

5. When it’s time to close and your boss singles you out for more work

Is it an offence to live close by ?

6. When everyone is buying cars with their last kobo, you’re just like

Nah. Nope. Not gonna happen!

7. When you tell bae to come and pick you at work and he’s like “Can’t you just take keke?”

Come and pick me up, my friend!

8. You, when your co-workers say you should go and bring food from home during lunch hours

You people should better bring food from your house.

9. When there’s traffic and your co-workers want to turn your house to hotel

Just enter your traffic jejely!


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