On Saturday Beyoncé dropped a new video/song called Formation and literally slayed everyone’s life!!


Beyoncé made a massive social and political statement and only featured black people in the video.

Because #BlackLivesMatter, obvs!

But what we really love is the diversity of black women and black hairstyles shown in the video! Here are a few that you should definitely try:

1. The grown woman ‘fro

Beyoncé’s dancers rocked these curly afro wigs so effortlessly! No need to go natural if you don’t want to. Just buy your own curly ‘fro and twirl on them haters.

2. The adorable baby ‘fro

Hay God! Even 4 year old Blue Ivy is slaying with her afro! As Beyonce said in the song .. “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros”.

3. The thread hairstyle

One of Beyonce’s main dancers gave props to this common African hairstyle. Lagos hipsters, this one’s for you!

4. The crown braid

Just in case you somehow forgot that she is the QUEEN.

5. The double-sided ponytail braid A.K.A cornrows

We dare you not to slay with this hairstyle! Impossible.

6. The micro braids

So. Damn. Beautiful.

7. The messy updo

A.K.A The ‘I woke up like this’ hairstyle. If you have natural curly hair, just shake it a little and go on with your life.

8. The blow out

If you have big natural hair or even a weave, you can rock this hairstyle. All you need is a blow dryer, water and conditioner.

9. The tight bun

Only Beyoncé can make a hair net have so much swag.

Watch the full video for Formation below and go forth and slay with these hairstyles:

Because you just might be a black Bill Gates in the making! ? ?


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