1. The Party Freak

We promise you, she’s up to no good! But she can help relieve your stress on any day of the week sha!

2. The Makeup Artist/ Wannabe Stylist

This one is available to help you run around and buy new clothes or makeup when you’re too busy with baby.

3. The Chef Extraodinnaire

Okay mum or not, every lady deserves that one friend that is ready to send you vegetable and stew inside 10 take away packs!

4. The Gym Lover

Who else will help you lose all that baby fat you just can’t avoid?

5. The Baby Sitter

There’s always that one friend who actually loves kids. Just go and dump your baby with her so they won’t kill you.

6. The Cheerleader/Advisor

This one doesn’t have one single down moment. She’s always there to cheer you on when baby’s wahala is too much.

7. The Connect Friend

This one has all the nannies numbers in Nigeria. She knows the best kindergarten and has all the connect you’ll ever need.


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