1. The ones that always want you to help them carry ‘small load’ for their family in the abroad

Did they tell you I’m DHL?

2. The one that went to charter hip-hop baffs to travel

You think it’s easy to travel? Please leave him oh.

3. Those ones that come with their whole village to do send off at the airport

Even their best friend from Primary two can be there, iz not a joking sturvz.

4. The rich kids that just sharply want to pick something up in London, and will be back by the weekend

Muzz be nice!

5. The ones that haven’t even travelled yet, but accent is just doing their body to speak

Maybe they dash accents in the airport.

6. The ones that pack as if they’re expecting a famine where they’re going to

Haba, calm down!

7. The ones that have forgotten who the President of the US is, and still want to travel there

It’s like you don’t know what’s doing you


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