Look, we cannot even argue. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu has a sense of style that is given from God himself. Day in day out, the man serves us fashion styles that snatches our edges. That’s why we came up with a list of some of the times he served us premium Agbada. Look and be inspired. And maybe, just maybe, you can fire your tailor.

1. This Agbada that made a lot of men (women too) fight with their tailors.

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The Yorubas said it right: “If you compare a child with another, you’ll beat one child to death.”

2. This Agbada with a piece of Benin history.

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Talk about merging history with style. We stan a historical agbada.

3. Agbada that graduated with a first class.

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Even your first class degree has to bow.

4. This Agbada that snatched wigs.

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Ebuka, we are your carpet. Please walk on us.

5. This Agbada with a stunning splash of colour.

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And now, one self-acclaimed fashionista will say that pink is not a masculine colour. Haq haq, the audacity.

6. Did anyone say black is a sad colour?

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This is the kind of Yoruba demon you’ll beg to damage your heart.



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