Studying architecture in the university is not just a course, it affects everything in your life from sleep pattern, social life, eating schedule, how you view life and everything. Only architecture students will understand these situations.

1. When you realize RedBull or Power Horse are your favorite drinks

Can’t afford to be weak for one minute, before you sleep for two days.

2. Realizing you have been in the studio for 22 hours

Ahan where is this time running to?

3. When everyone in the studio hates you because you play music too loud

Don’t be angry oh please block your ears now or go and build your own studio.

4. When everywhere is a bed space

The tables and chairs looking like a comfortable bed or roses. Opportunity comes but once.

5. When everybody is saying good morning and it’s just your bedtime

This backwards sleeping pattern life.

6. When you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at one sitting

Because there will be no time again till tomorrow.

7. When you are an expert at the different smells of glue

UHU, Pritt you can smell them in your dream.

8. When you don’t know what day of the week it is at all

Could it be Monday? Or is today Friday? Been in the studio for two days…

9. When you realize your parents have a better social life than you

*cries in spending hours on projects*

10. When you can’t find one of your instruments


11. When you become a scavenger for materials for your model

Toothpick, rubber bands, screws, straws almost anything on the floor is useful.

12. When you are tired of hearing “didn’t you wear this yesterday”

Is it your cloth? Is it your body? Please let me repeat my clothes in peace.

13. When you can’t remember what your bed feels like

Dear bed, I miss you.

14. When you are an expert photoshop, autocad, illustrator user but you fumble with Excel

See, some software programs are not really that important in this life.

15. When you tell your friend to wake you up and they forget


16. When your boo doesn’t believe you forgot to reply or call on their birthday

See, I am sorry it’s not really my fault.

17. When you only think of sleep when you hear “weekend”

What is a turn up? Finally, I can have more than two hours of sleep.


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