1. How your class is on a regular day at anytime

Everywhere in commotion.

2. How it is when someone shouts “principal is coming”

Because nobody wants to ride okada.

3. Your principal’s motto

They did not care to listen to what happened.

4. Your principal at the PTA meeting about to tell the parents how useless you have all been

The man won’t even code the bad gist at all.

5. When you hear “the principal is calling you in his office”

Jesus Christ. What is it again.

6. That photo in his office of when one white man came to your school

Very proud moment for him.

7. All the students when the principal says the hostel food will get better

Yeah right. And the exchange rate will be N1 to $1 as well.

8. Every principal had a framed photo of himself and his friends at conference

We don’t even understand.

9. What it feels like when your principal is trying to famz the students

This man sef.

10. When inspectors come and your principal is forming “best guy”

Can these people go so we can continue our lives.

11. Your principal and his vice principals on inter-house sports day

Embarrassing the whole school.

12. The unofficial cap of principals

Only God knows when last they washed it.

13. You when you think you have outsmarted your principal


14. Your principal, when he knows visiting day is coming and he will see your parents

The way he will twist the story.


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