1. The Strict Mother

She never stops shouting Will come into your room and leave your door open She talks to you with her eyes alone and you get it

2. The Caring and Overprotective Mother

Most caring mother Has never beaten you once Will beg you to be a responsible child, and not forget where you’re from

3. The Emotional Mother

She can cry you a river or a waterfall When you do something wrong she will cry till you feel horrible Your dad pampers her all the time

4. The Hyper Mother

She has your back when your teachers are messing up Ride or die mother Once you please her,she has your back with your dad

5. The “Over-Extrovert” Mother

Is at every party in the estate Will probably embarrass you when you both are outside She thinks she dresses better than your girlfriend

6. The “Razor Mouth” Mother

Nobody messes with her She has probably insulted all the teachers that don’t like you She has a lucrative lace business

7. The Christian Mother

She will keep you at morning devotion for one hour Is an expert at telling you not to do early relationships Can give you her last money to have fun

8. The Young Mother

Nobody believes she is your mum All your guy friends like coming to visit you Your sisters like her cause she knows how to gist

9. The 21st Century Mother

Cooks the best food for real All your friends like coming to visit for food Manages to run two businesses at the same time

10. The Newly Born Again Mother

She used to be a party person She is now a deaconess Can insult the life out of people, but she’s born again now

11. The Generous Mother

She will sell her jewellry to send you to school Her daughter-in-law loves her so much Will give the best advice at anytime

12. The Fighting Mother

She has 10 kobokos Her daughter-in-law is tired of life She wants to live with her sons all year long


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